ruby begonia hair studio - high-performance hair
As a seasoned hollywood hair stylist 
with over 20 years experience, Nicole has honed her skills delivering signature hair.
Her specialties include-
Custom Cuts, Creative and Corrective Color, Styling, "transforming looks" with custom extensions, handmade pieces, toppers and wigs.
Her scissors and specialty hair formulas and extensions have touched the tresses of ...
Sylvester Stallone, Kate McKinnon, Mel Gibson, Bradley Cooper, Bob Dylan, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matthew McConhaughey, Kevin Smith, Ben Affleck, Kate Hudson, Jessica Biel, Sharon Stone, Mandy Moore, Adhir Kaylan, Rikki Rocket, Sara Rue, Carla Gugina, 
Sandra Bullock, Lucy Liu, Julie Benz, Mark Burnet, Roma Downey, Michelle Branch, Gina Gershon, Garry Shandling, Kevin  Nealon, Melanie Griffith, Thomas Hayden Church, 
Kara DioGuardi, Megyn Price, Susie Castillo, Danica McKellar and more.....

Film, Television, Print, Press and Commercials

Man With A Plan Key Hair
Rock Your Body (reshoots)Kate McKinnon/Dept. Head
Ghostbusters (reshoots) Kate McKinnon/Dept.Head
The Boss  (reshoots) Kristin Bell/ Dept. Head
Creed  Sylvester Stallone
Yoga Hosers Harley Quinn Smith/Department Head
Expendables 3 Stallone/ Dept Head
The Escape Plan... Dept. Head/Hairstylist for Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger
Expendables 2... Hairstylist for Sylvester Stallone and Dept. Head 
84th &85th Academy Awards...
EVERLY... Hairstylist Kate Hudson
Headshot... Hairstylist for Sylvester Stallone and Dept. Head
Valentine's Day... Key Hair
THE EXPENDABLES Hairstylist for Mr. Stallone and Dept. Head
Malibu Country... Hairstylist for Sara Rue and Dept. Head Hair    
Rules of Engagement... AMERICAN IDOL Season 7,8&9,, Supestars of Dance, The Next Great American Band, All About Steve, Rambo...

Nicole Venables- Owner/Hairstylist
On the set of RAMBO   (Thailand)